You can get up to 100GB or 200GB free cloud storage for a free trial without the need for a credit card. To get up to 1TB of cloud storage or 10TB or higher at a cheap price, you can buy a lifetime cloud storage subscription that I mentioned in this post.

Sometimes, we need a cloud space where we can back up our data to the cloud in order to make sure the data can not be lost when the computer disk is broken or data wipe out.

Before, I am going to share the free cloud storage, I would like to share a lifetime deal of cloud storage onetime purchase only.

Here is a large amount of cloud storage with lifetime subscription:

AmountCloud services
5TB cloud storage5TB Icedrive Lifetime Subscription
10TB cloud storage 10TB Degoo Lifetime subscription
50TB cloud storage 50TB Degoo Lifetime subscription
35TB cloud storage 35TB Degoo Lifetime subscription
25TB cloud storage 25TB Degoo Lifetime subscription
15TB cloud storage 15TB Degoo Lifetime subscription
1TB Cloud storage 1TB Starchive Lifetime subscription
1TB Cloud storage 1TB Koofr Lifetime subscription
2TB Cloud storage2TB Pcloud lifetime subscription
500GB Cloud storage500GB Pcloud lifetime subscription
1TB Cloud storage1TB Icedrive Lifetime Storage
Lifetime cloud storage services with large space

Next I would like to introduce free cloud storage for free trial:

100GB FreeDegoo
200GB FreeBlomp
50GB FreeYandex disk
15GB FreeGoogle Drive
2GB FreeDropbox
5GB FreeApple iCloud
2GB FreeJumpshare
10GB FreeMedia Fire
10GB FreeMiMedia
Up to 200GB Free(1000 items)
Free cloud storage free trial up to 200GB free