icedrive is a cloud storage platform that offers a free 10GB for new users, but especially the users who need a higher space of cloud storage can order the icedrive cloud storage lifetime subscription one-time purchase only. Users can purchase the space of cloud storage up to 5TB with 8TB monthly bandwidth for their own purposes of use.

icedrive has applications cross-platform for iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, Linux, and web directly. So you can upload images, documents, audio, video, and files anywhere, any time you want.

icedrive cloud storage
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Icedrive is an encrypted cloud storage service that allows users to access and share their files from anywhere, on any device. Icedrive is everything you need for storing your files: photos, videos, and documents in the cloud.

Icedrive gives you all of the freedom of cloud storage without compromising your security.

It’s the only cloud storage service that uses the hyper-secure Twofish encryption algorithm, so you can rest easy knowing your information is locked down in a safe place. Twofish is a block cipher developed by Bruce Schneier and Counterpane Labs, published in 1998, and remains unbroken to this day and in the foreseeable future.

Drag-and-drop your files into the web app to access them from anywhere.


– Get up to 5TB storage Lifetime subscription.

– Automatic backup of camera photos and videos

– Easily share files with family, friends and colleagues, even if they are not Icedrive users

– Strongest file encryption of any cloud storage service in the Icedrive Encrypted section, available with all premium plans

– Make files available offline for easy access wherever, whenever

– Stream and preview your photos, documents, images and audio files straight from the cloud

– Access your files on every device

– Clean, easy to use interface for easy file management

– Dark mode available for those who work at night or just love the darker look!

System requirement:

You can download and run Icedrive on:

Windows computer: Windows 7/8/8.1 & Windows 10(32bit or 64-bit portable download available)

There are also portable apps for macOS, Linux operating system.

Icedrive is also available for iOS iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

Download software

How to order icedrive cloud storage lifetime subscription:

First, visit icedrive at the pricing page by clicking the button above to select a proper plan for purchasing as in the image below.

icedrive plans and pricing

Next, create an account by filling the information into the input box as in the images:

icedrive create account

Next complete your purchase to use the cloud storage.

Next, download the application or software in all your devices to access the icedrive cloud storage on all devices.

icedrive for macOS:

icedrive for macOS:
icedrive for macOS

icedrive for Windows:

icedrive for Windows
icedrive for Windows

icedrive for iPhone/iPad/ Android devices:

icedrive for iPhone/iPad/ Android devices
icedrive for iOS, Android