Starting an online website that needs a hosting disk space to store a website and the web hosting services provided by the web hosting companies. There are so many web hosting providers on the World Wide Web and so many types of web hosting types that available to run a website. I am very interesting to use HostGator web hosting to host my website in order to increase my online presence.

Hostgator offers so many types of web hosting services such as:

Website builder with drag and drop to build a website. This type of website service proper for anyone who does not know about coding skills or web development techniques. It’s just dragging and drop to launch a business landing page website. It will help to create elegant landing pages with ease. With Gator website builder users can also run eCommerce online shopping stores and much more.

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  • Hostgator drag & drop website builder for creating landing pages in just few easy steps

WordPress Hosting is a type of web hosting generated by WordPress software. WordPress blogging CMS is a blogging platform that builds for bloggers, freelancers, affiliate marketers, or anyone who needs to have a blog, website to run online. In order to use WordPress web hosting, you need to know about WordPress as a beginner it could take a few months. If you want business landing pages only, I recommend you to use Website Builder instead of WordPress, but can also install Web landing pages with WordPress. If users loved to discover a new blogging CMS or an E-commerce platform, they can take hands with WordPress CMS on Hostgator

Shared Hosting is a type of web hosting that users can install so many types of web hosting software such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, phpBB, and many more. It’s called shared hosting because it is shared the server with a lot of users but it no big deal, the small websites with low traffic can use the shared hosting instead of VPS hosting or a dedicated server. People love shared hosting because the provider offers free cPanel to control the website and it has a lot of functions to interact on a single panel and the users do not need to know about the server coding skills.

Reseller Hosting is the type of web hosting that anyone who wants to resell the Hostgator web hosting service. You can run a web hosting business by reselling Hostgator hosting service. Hostgator will offer the business page with a custom barding domain name. There are a lot of benefits to joining the Hostgator Reseller club to run your own web hosting business online. HostGator also offers API access to the reseller hosting.

VPS hosting is a web hosting type that users can own control of their server by themselves. This type of hosting completely different from shared hosting, the users need to have a server coding skill level to operate the server. And because the server does not share the resources with other users, so it can work faster than shared hosting and costly double to shared hosting. This type of hosting for running a heavy website with high traffic.

Dedicated Hosting is a hosting type that builds with all the top resources such as memory RAM, Chipset, and other resources of the server. It is the professional services for super heavily website with high-traffic.

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  • Unmetered bandwidth, powerful hardware, & Linux or Windows. Go on. Grab a Dedicated server.

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  • Add G Suite by Google Cloud to your hosting plan for business email, video conferencing, cloud storage, file sharing, and more!

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  • Reseller plans are designed to earn money- Make Money By Hosting Your Own Clients! A HostGator reseller web hosting plan gives you complete control over every aspect of your hosting business, from resource allocation to payment methods and what (if any) additional services you choose to provide your clients (domains, SSL certificates, etc.).

Hostgator offers the free first year of a domain name when buying web hosting and a Free SSL certificate to help users’ websites securely on the web browser. And if users would like to transfer websites from other hosting providers to Hostgator the Hostgator team will help migrate the websites for free at no cost.

There are more than 1 billion websites on the World Wide Web websites and among those number of websites has over 2 million websites hosted with HostGator web hosting service. The customers are very happy to work with Hostgator web hosting to run their online presence.

Hostgator accepts PayPal, Credit cards as a payment method.

How to run the first website?

The first thing you need to do is select a business name and domain name. a domain name is a name that represents your business or a name that the internet users will see in the search engine as well as in the web browser bar and it also the name that users can remember about your website or business that what you are working on.

The second thing is to select the web hosting type for your website. Just read carefully any web hosting type above to know more. Once you know about what type of web hosting for your business, you can take hands-on to build your first website.

The thirst step is order the web hosting at Hostgator and starts to work on your website.

The next step is Setup a domain name, choose the color palette for your website, hire a designer to design your logo for your website.

Next, choose a template that proper for your website. The color palette and template are something that affects the customers, users who will directly interact with your site. It is also the tactic impact on potential customers. It is one of the crucial parts of the strategy to influence customers. If you do not sure about the website template or color palette just hire an expert designer that has worked so many years in the field.

The next step creates a contact page, about page, blog page, home page and put the valuable information about your product services on your website to let the users who will interact with your websites know about your business.

Once you done, you can publish your website to the public.

And the final step, hire an SEO, advertising company to promote your business for spreading over the internet. Or you can SEO, advertising by yourself. This final step is the most important key to get sales, potential customers, users, and more.