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  • Features:
    • Backup and restore contacts, photos, videos, and calendars with a single tap.
    • Easily sync files between all linked devices.
    • Link your devices to a single account and access data from anywhere.
    • Selectively backup and restore files.
    • Share files and folders over a single, secure link.
    • Automatic upload option protects photos and videos as soon as they are taken via Wi-Fi or cellular data.
    • Gallery View allows you to easily slide through pictures and videos.
    Security features:
    • Private key encryption ensures only you have access to your data.
    • Lock app with a passcode.
    • Easily unlink devices, which are lost or stolen.
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IDrive offers an online Backup service in the cloud for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices. It’s never been easier to save the day. Idrive is a cloud backup service that saves your files backed up on a remote server. This way, if anything happens to your computer, you can just log onto IDrive and download them back onto a new device. You can also store data on your IDrive account and access it from any of your electronics devices, like your phone or tablet.

This service allows the users to keep all their files in an encrypted cloud storage system. This is a great way of preserving your valuable data for a longer time and making sure that your files are safe.
The idea behind this is simple: iDrive has made it possible for you to back up all your files and documents into the cloud from any device at any time. All you have to do is simply install the software on your computer, sync up with IDrive’s cloud storage system, turn on your device or plug it into your computer and that’s it! You can then access your files on any other PC while using them on mobile devices.

IDrive Cloud Storage allows you to back up all the content stored in your computer or mobile device onto an online account at the same time, as well as backup individual data files such as pictures, videos, or music. This means that once you have backed-up all of your important data files into the cloud account (which will also help with information security), you can then take these backups wherever you go without worrying about losing them because they are no longer stored locally on those devices but still safely saved in IDrive’s cloud database.

When downloading content onto a mobile device, IDrive provides users with a variety of options including one-click downloads directly from its website (for free), one-tap download services, and file-sharing services which allow users to share downloaded files with friends & family members via email or social media platforms like Facebook, etc., so that they can enjoy watching videos together on their mobiles!

A benefit of this service is that when downloading normal video clips or photos through IDrive, when you try to access them via Facebook or Twitter etc., automatically tagged personal information such as video/pic/album name will be displayed so that friends and family members can easily find out what media content has been downloaded onto their mobiles, etc., without having to enter their passwords etc.. The service is entirely automatic and seamless; there’s no need for any user interaction whatsoever. All one needs to do is install IDrive software onto their PC and start enjoying the convenience of enjoying movies from anywhere anytime, anytime anywhere! The process only takes a few minutes; thus allowing people who work late at night or travel far away from home to still enjoy watching movies wherever they are. IDrive does not charge fees for this service – thus giving its customers.

IDrive Free Trial

I’m a long-time IDrive user, and I can say that this is one of the best backup solutions in existence. Their service is easy to use, and they offer a free trial of the service (but I’d recommend going with their paid version instead). At the end of my free trial, you can choose the paid plan to continue to use the service.

At a time when it is nearly impossible to avoid digital dependency, many people have not been able to back up their files. Cloud backup ensures that one’s data is saved in the event of a computer malfunction or when data is lost. iDrive offers a free trial for 30 days of cloud backup service of service.

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Cloud-based backup software has quickly become one of the most popular ways to back up data that is stored on computers. IDrive Cloud Backup offers a free trial that will let you try the product before you buy it.

How does iDrive cloud backup work?

iDrive Cloud Backup is a free service offered by IDrive that allows you to back up your files to the cloud and store them there for you. It’s basically a simple way to get your files off your computer when you need it so that you can save time and maybe even money.

The service is available worldwide and covers a range of devices including PCs, Macs, iPhones, Android devices as well as tablets. The easiest way to get started with iDrive Cloud Backup is by creating an account on the website. You can sign up for a free account or choose the premium plan depending on what you need most

When you add files to your account in iDrive Cloud Backup or upload them from your computer, they are automatically backed up to the cloud. Once uploaded, the files are securely stored in the cloud and can be accessed from anywhere at any time from any internet-enabled device (such as desktop computers and smartphones/tablets).

You can also back up individual folders separately. When an item has been backed up in one folder, it will be automatically backed up in all those other folders too. You can also back up individual drive files separately and restore them from the cloud at any time.

Why should you choose iDrive cloud backup over other services?

IDrive Cloud Backup provides you with an easy way to store and access all your data from anywhere. A backup service should be used for storing files in case of power outages or other unforeseen events, but unlike a cloud storage service like others, iDrive cloud storage still allows users to access their data across multiple devices.

IDrive cloud storage lets you manage your content easily by adding or removing files based on permissions and sharing them with family members or company contacts.


In conclusion, iDrive cloud backup is an awesome way to keep your data safe. It’s easy to use and inexpensive, making it a great option for everyone. If you want to learn more about iDrive, visit their website today!

It’s always important to have a backup of your photos, music, videos, and other files in case of disaster. This is especially true when it comes to smartphones, which are notorious for being dropped or broken.