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VectorStyler is an advanced illustration and drawing software for Mac and PC. Create illustrations, logos, icons, drawings, typography, vector art for the screen, print, and web. VectorStyler provides a complete set of drawing, design, and illustration tools necessary for modern design. With its numerous new features, VectorStyler redefines and extends the tools available for illustrators and designers, improving the creation of complex illustrations and designs.

VectorStyler vector illustration software for designer
  • Import native AI files (not just PDF), with all high-level object & layer options remaining editable, retaining swatches, vector brushes, tiling patterns
  • Shape builder tool to create complex shapes
  • Real vector brushes: the content of the brushes are & remain true vector objects
  • Trim & join tool to merge shapes
  • Variable width strokes & interactive tool to adjust local stroke widths
  • Object blend & contour effects
  • Over 100 non-destructive image effects were applied on vector objects with vectors remaining editable
  • Color effects to adjust the color of selected objects
  • Large collection of live shape distortion vector effects
  • Rotated guidelines, grids, & rotating the document view
  • Collision snapping for precise object positioning
  • Elastic warp distortion
  • Mesh & envelope distortion
  • Offset path both dynamic live, & destructive modes
  • Advanced typography with multi line paragraph composer, & balancing text in frames with multiple columns
  • Support for Japanese typography
  • VectorStyler Professional Illustration Software
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System Requirements

  • macOS High Sierra, with a 2012 or newer Mac model
  • Apple Silicon has native support
  • macOS El Capitan
  • 2010 Macs are also supported
  • Windows 10 with 16G RAM & (optionally) a GPU with OpenCL or NVIDIA CUDA support