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When the first time visitors enter a website, the first thing they see is the domain name. The domain name represents the website name, business name, online representation of your business. Choose the domain name is the most important part you must do first in order to create the website online.

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Nowadays, both to publicize services, as to share thoughts or any information you want, it is important to have your own digital space. For this, there are several providers like GoDaddy.

However, especially in the case of companies that want to be taken more seriously, it is recommended to have a “.com” domain (or one of your own) for your website or blog. See the step by step on how to buy the domain you want!

Learn how to buy a domain

The first step in buying a domain is to choose a name. To do this, think of something creative that describes your business or project on which your website is based. Once this is done, decide what type of domain you want to have, for example, “.com”, and “.biz” are used for companies and private entities and “.org” for non-profit entities.

1. Choose the site name to register

There are several websites that provide the domain sales service, as well as hosting, among others. The best thing is to look at GoDaddy that offers all the support to register and pay the necessary fees to continue with the active address. GoDaddy is No. 1 in the world when it comes to domains, you know?

2. Check availability

You can buy a domain with the name you want, as long as it is available for registration, that is, one that no one has previously used. If the domain has already been registered, the chosen provider will show options with the same address, but with different endings.

3. Make your registration

After defining an available domain name for registration, the next step to buy a domain will be to register your data, create a password and select the period in which you want to keep your domain registered. The periods can vary from 1 to 10 years, it depends on each provider. In addition, the renewal also varies according to the specific rules of each site.

4. Make payment for the domain

After registering all the required information, you will be asked to pay the registration fee for your domain, which can be done by credit cards. After confirming payment, redirect your website address to the domain you registered, if you already have a host.


GoDaddy is the largest domain registration company in the world! In addition to providing you with all the support to buy the desired domain name, it offers incredible hosting and web services to make your site a success.