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To help you have an effective email delivery, the mail merge tool is an indispensable tool. Mergo is a mail merge tool for Gmail that is deeply integrated with Google Sheets and Google Contacts. It provides you with many useful features such as customizing email templates, integrating Gmail and Google Sheets, sending mail merge with attachments, email tracking, sending scheduling, email preview, assigning CC/BCC recipients, built-in integration. Google Contacts integration, assign alias & custom replies, manage unsubscribes, segment recipient lists, Google Forms feedback notifications, campaign from Docs, auto-follow, improve delivery and send as reply.

Mergo offers you many features:

  • Customize email templates: You can customize email templates as you like to impress and build deeper into customers.

Gmail and Google Sheets Integration: Mergo integrates deeply into Gmail and Google Sheets to help you quickly find and scan new data and information.

  • Send mail merge with attachments: Mergo allows you to send mail merge with attachments like PDF files, image files or other files.
  • Email tracking: Mergo gives you detailed reports of your emails.
  • Sending schedule: You can change your email delivery during the week or during the day.
  • Email preview: Whenever you want to preview your email, Mergo will have a document before you send it.
  • CC/BCC recipients: Whenever you want to add CC/BCC recipients in your email, Mergo will help you do that.
  • Integrate Google Contacts: You can instantly search and integrate all your Google Contacts into Mergo.