To start a journey into a big ocean we need a giant ship, to start on a new trip we must need a ticket and get started to travel to the place you want to go. As well as to enter the online world of freelancer or blogging or online seller, you need web hosting, domain services.

Traveling through the online world just as traveling around the world, there is a lot of new things need to learn, new job need to get started. You can become anyone you want such as a blogger, freelancer, web designer, domain trader, marketer online, or seller. Let’s get started your online business today and inspire everyone throughout the online world. You are the one who can bring on inspiration for everyone.

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How to create a first blog

What is a blog, website? It is a place to store images, text contents. It is the information that you want to interact with the audiences. Furthermore, it will make the world know more about you and your idea. It is really amazing to be a blogger. You can also mark revenue with the contents of your blog too. Let’s begin your journey of blogging now.

First, you need to navigate to web hosting services, select WordPress hosting services hit on it.

  1. Select plans and pricing
  2. Choose a domain name for the name of your blog.
  3. Next login or create a new account
  4. Complete the order

After completing the order, you need to access the dashboard back end to config a little further for your blog, websites such as install a new template, plugin, setup title, and more.

Next upload new logo for your blog/website.

Next create contact page to let everyone have the way to contact with you.

Next create the first post to publish your content.

Next share your website/blog content to your friends audiences via email, social media network such as Facebook, Twitter.

You can on also mark an advertisement by Facebook ads, Google Ads or other ads channel to let people know more about your content.